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    "News"          Book 3 is nearly done, and my Granddaughter has said she  might do the pictures for me, under Bee Silver...  Nice name for an illustrator so now I'm waiting on the images to appear.  I have a small poetry book I want to bring out at the same time, although I'm not happy with it, its amazing how deeply upset some books can get you...

I'm still trying to deal with a difficult situation in the area where I live, and I hope each day to get it right.  I'm into put the trust in God, and pray... at the moment.  I fear that recently organized religion has been suffering from unsafe people. 

As I've been too scared to write I took some photographs, I used to be well known for my psychic pictures some of which cover the books, and I'm still taking one or two.  I ran into ART America,  and I have some merchandise now that I can offer which matches the books and can be used to enhance a present.

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